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Amazon pays $50 million to stream ‘Thursday Night Football’ in 2017 season

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Amazon pays $50 million to stream ‘Thursday Night Football’ in 2017 season

The NFL has scored big with “Thursday Night Football.”

Amazon agreed to shell out $50 million Tuesday for streaming rights of the league’s 10 mid-week games, according to Recode.

Last season, Twitter, which along with Facebook and YouTube lost the 2017 bid to Amazon, paid a mere $10 million to get the games.

Only Prime members will have access to watch the games through Amazon.

The company’s streaming rights are not exclusive, though. The 10 games will also air on either CBS or NBC and Verizon Wireless will also offer the option for their subscribers.

When Amazon lost the bid last season to Twitter, the social media giant was said to be a perfect fit for the league because of its 300 million users.

But with Amazon getting the 2017 rights, audience numbers seems to be less important to the NFL.

Amazon has never announced how many Prime subscribers it has, but Recode projects somewhere in the 60-70 million range.

Brian Rolapp, the NFL executive in charge of the league’s media deals, made it sound like the league is more concerned with how much more active Amazon’s users are.

“Reach is a focus of ours. I think Amazon has been able to demonstrate, in everything that they do, massive scale,” he told Recode. “I don’t think this is limiting the reach. I think this expanding the reach.”

Despite how many people use specific internet sites, it’s highly unlikely the streaming numbers for “Thursday Night Football” will touch the television broadcast range.

Last season the Thursday NFL games averaged less than 300,000 viewers a minute, while CBS and NBC averaged a monstrous 15.8 million viewers, according to Recode.

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