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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx Says He Let Ed Sheeran Sleep on His Couch Before the Singer Was Famous

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Before Ed Sheeran became the superstar he is today, the young musician leaned on the kindness of movie star Jamie Foxx for a little help and support.

Foxx spoke with ET’s Nischelle Turner while promoting his new action caper, Baby Driver — along with co-stars Ansel Elgort and Jon Hamm — and the actor opened up about art and burgeoning artists, revealing, “I had Ed Sheeran sleep on my couch for six weeks.”

“Before he made it, he came to my crib,” Foxx recalled. “So did Anthony Hamilton, Nick Cannon, all these [people]. You gotta press anybody that’s got that artistic feel, that touch, you’ve got to lift them up.”

One young artist that Foxx also helped was 23-year-old Elgort, who had nothing but praise regarding his time on set with the Oscar winner.

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx Says He Let Ed Sheeran Sleep on His Couch Before the Singer Was Famous

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“He really spreads the love, and he’s so supportive of everything,” Elgort shared. “As a young actor walking onto this set — and this goes for Jon as well — I was so excited to do this movie, but I didn’t expect any kind of relationship with these guys, where they would be so supportive. [But] they’ve become mentors.”

Elgort, who is a musician and DJ as well, said Foxx has also shown a great deal of support when it comes to his musical aspirations.

“He invited me to his house and said, ‘Come to the studio, I want to hear your music,'” Elgort recounted. “He’s been so supportive through everything and it’s just awesome because it made this process so much more fun.”

Foxx also opened up about his daughters, 24-year-old Corinne and 7-year-old Annalise, and the unique experience of watching them grow up in the culture of show business, and how it hasn’t affected their individuality.

“My oldest daughter is completely different from my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter, I remember trying to pick her up in high school in a Rolls-Royce and she wouldn’t get in the car,” Foxx said with a laugh,explaining that she was embarrassed by the ostentatious display of wealth. “She’s been so cool in that sense, and now doing her own thing, writing.”

“Then my youngest daughter. That’s the road dog,” Foxx added. “We going everywhere, we’re doing everything. We’re doing it all.”

With Father’s Day around the corner, Foxx said he’s looking forward to just spending some quality time with his kids, noting that his ideal way to celebrate is to “just kick it with the little ones.”

“I’m gonna get some cookies or something, some socks,” he predicted. “That’s what you look forward to, is getting the cool little gifts.”

Check out the video below to hear more from the star about his experience balancing fatherhood and show business.

Baby Driver — also starring Kevin Spacey, Jon Bernthal, Lily James and directed by Edgar Wright — races into theaters June 28.

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