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Beyoncé Hits Setback in ‘Blue Ivy’ Trademark Lawsuit

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Beyoncé was apparently hit with a minor setback in her attempt to trademark her oldest child’s name.

​​The legal battle stems from wedding planner Veronica Morales’ challenge to an attempt by Beyonce — ​originally ​filed by Jonathan Schwartz, the former vice president of Beyonce’s company, BGK Trademark Holdings​, in February​ — to trademark her daughter’s name​ ​to launch a series of products.

Beyoncé had initially filed to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter” in 2012, weeks after ​her now-5​ ​year​ ​old​ daughter​ was born. The wedding planning company Morales owns is called “Blue Ivy.”

Despite a request from the Lemonade singer’s legal team to have it thrown out, a judge granted Morales’ motion to hear testimony from Schwartz — who is currently facing six years of jail time after pleading guilty to an unrelated embezzlement case ​involving a former client, singer ​​Alanis Morissette.

In court documents obtained by ET, Morales claims that Beyoncé has no intentions of selling anything under her daughter’s name, alleging she is only seeking the trademark so that “no one else could.”

The response to the motion, ​filed by BGK’s attorney Marvin Putnam, states that ​Schwartz “is no longer an officer, director, or managing agent of BGK. Indeed, he is not affiliated with BGK in any manner whatsoever.”

Though Queen Bey seems to have hit a legal hiccup, things are all good on the family front!

Watch the video below to find out what ET has learned about the Carter family’s life with the newborn twins.

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