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Tension between the guys builds on ‘The Bachelorette’

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A clip from ABC’s “The Bachelorette” on June 19, 2017.

NEW YORK — We picked back up after a two-week hiatus on “The Bachelorette” with Eric yelling at the guys saying he didn’t want to hear “my name in your mouth.” Lee, who he seems to be yelling at the most, decided he would use the opportunity to drum up more drama with Rachel. She was having a nice talk with Kenny, and he went over and interrupted them. To his credit, Kenny just kept talking to Rachel while Lee hovered over them in an extremely awkward manner. Lee used the time to show Rachel a piece of wood that he whittled with his grandfather’s knife that said “enchanting.” Apparently that is what he called her once. Ok, whatever.

Tension between the guys builds on 'The Bachelorette'
Bryan and Rachel had a romantic time together, but while that was going on Kenny and Lee had a blowout. Kenny told Lee he took advantage of their “friendship” and the way he acted wasn’t cool at all to him. Rachel heard the yelling while she was talking to Bryce and said that she couldn’t even concentrate on him because of it. She knew right away that Kenny was yelling at Lee because of him interrupting their talk. Lee talked quietly while Kenny kept on yelling, so Kenny sounded like the crazy one when we all know that’s not the case! Peter meantime, told Rachel that he’s trying to avoid all the crazy and he feels bad for her that she has to deal with it all. Rachel said she’s starting to feel the pressure of being a black woman and she doesn’t want to deal with it but she knows it is coming. She said through tears that she’s going to have to deal with the decisions she makes and people will judge her because of them because of her race.

Chris Harrison stepped into Rachel’s interview. He felt bad that she was sitting there crying. He told her, “You just need to tell me what you want, I can facilitate anything.” She decided that she didn’t want to talk to the guys anymore that night and she wanted to just start handing out roses.

Tension between the guys builds on 'The Bachelorette'
Rachel gave roses to:
1) Will
2) Dean
3) Jonathan
4) Peter
5) Adam
6) Bryan
7) Matt
8) Josiah
9) Jack
10) Iggy
11) Kenny (squeaked on in!)
12) Lee (what the what?!)

Rachel begged the guys to leave the drama behind as they headed off to Hilton Head, South Carolina! The first date card arrived and it read, “Dean, our love is about to take off!” Rachel walked in and she grabbed Dean for her date right away.

Tension between the guys builds on 'The Bachelorette'
Rachel and Dean drove in a Jeep to Bluffton for a picnic. While they sat and ate, Rachel revealed that she always loved blimps as a child. The blimp pulled over towards them and it said on its billboard that they were going to be going for a ride! Dean is a bit afraid! Dean did his best but he was very scared! He was doing some deep breathing and everything. Rachel asked if she could drive the blimp and they let her! Dean was sweating it behind her, but she convinced him to take a turn too. He did a great job and was very proud of himself. Sparks were flying and they did some blimp kissing! They flew over the guys’ hotel and wrote on the billboard, “Rachel and Dean are in here!”

The group date card arrived and it read, “Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will, and Josiah – I want to see who’s ready for commitment.” That meant that chiropractor Jack got the one-on-one date! Of course, Lee took that opportunity to try to psych Jack out by saying things like, “There’s no shame in going home after a one-on-one.” What the heck dude!

Back on Dean’s date with Rachel it got really serious. He talked about his experience with his mother dying of breast cancer. She sounds like she was an amazing mother. His family basically fell apart after that, and he’s never told anyone the depth of his feelings about his family. He revealed to Rachel how much he wants to be an amazing father to his future children. He’s incredible. Rachel seems to realize that too and she gave him the date rose! They kissed and then headed off to a concert by Russell Dickerson. They danced on a platform in the middle of the crowd and kissed. It was very romantic!

Tension between the guys builds on 'The Bachelorette'
Time for the group date! They all ran up to a shocked Rachel who gave them all warm embraces. They boarded a boat. Rachel had them do some competitions like pushups and such. It was pretty silly, and got even more ridiculous when Kenny did a rap. Even though he’s pretty good at it, I don’t think Rachel’s looking for a rapper. Good thing, because Peter gave it a try and he was ridiculous. The boat docked and they all walked over to a waiting crowd and Chris Harrison. It was time for a spelling bee! Hilariously, Adam Jr. was in the audience. Josiah milked the situation for all it was worth! He knew he could spell and he did it well, he won! The other guys were so bitter about it!

Tension between the guys builds on 'The Bachelorette'
Later that evening, the guys and Rachel enjoyed some drinks and Josiah drank out of his winners’ cup. She had a great time talking with Peter and they even talked about where they might live one day and where they would both consider. They seem to have a great connection. During Iggy’s talk with Rachel he started to throw out some questions on whether some guys were there for the “right reasons.” Kiss of death, he’s putting himself in the friend zone. He told her that Josiah creates tension. Where is that coming from? It seems like some guys are annoyed by him a bit, but really? He doesn’t seem like a trouble maker, if anyone is, it’s Iggy! Josiah’s quote of the night, “With all due respect, Iggy’s a *itch.” HA! The other guys all see through him. Hopefully he’ll be gone after this. Lee used his time to talk about Kenny and Rachel decided that she needs to get to the bottom of this because she doesn’t find Kenny to generally be an overly aggressive guy. Kenny did his best to defend himself and he said that Lee is a liar. WATCH THEIR CONVERSATION IN THE VIDEO ABOVE. So who will Rachel believe? Kenny was frustrated that he had to use his time defending himself against what had happened with Lee, when he would have rather have used the time to grow his relationship with Lee. “He’s a reptilian piece of garbage,” Kenny said of Lee. The show ended before we could see what happened, but we were promised an amazing few episodes with the show returning next Monday and Tuesday night!Report a Typo

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