How does it work for girls

A successful modern man is completely consumed with career-building and financial results achieving, so he has no time to seek out girls for his goals and objectives. However, these objectives may differ:

- Someone is looking for a serious relationship and wants to get married 
- Some men want to find friends with benefits
- Someone needs a girl to have a trip together
- And someone wants a one night stand affair

You’ll probably disagree and point that there are a lot of dating apps available at the moment. Yes, there are, but there are also a number of drawbacks to such applications:

Looking at the profile picture, you can easily decide that you won’t like a man and just flip through his profile. Although the main qualities of a particular man -  his mind, charisma, sense of humor and financial success can only be known through a personal conversation, which you gave up in advance by passing his profile.

- Some men want to remain incognito and don’t post their real pictures at all. When a man like that asks you on a date, you have more questions than you have answers, and you have doubts about going on a date like that.

So, to motivate you to come on your first date and immediately cut out financially bankrupt divers, we created our dating website: is a romantic dating website where gentlemen invite ladies on their first date to a restaurant, and pay both for the date and the restaurant bill! These are our rules!

How does it work:

- The first thing to do is to register on our website by link and fill out Your personal profile in detail
- When filling out your personal profile, the girl indicates the purpose of dating, And the cost for which she is ready to go to the first introductory date.

When filling out her personal profile, the girl indicates the purpose of the meeting, as well as the cost for which she is willing to go on a first date. The minimum sum that can be set in the system is 99 GOLD (GOLD is a currency of AsJust, where 1 GOLD equals to 1 USD), the maximum is unlimited, you can set a price even at 1000 GOLD. It is important -the price must include our service commission, which is 30% of this sum. Therefore, if you want to receive for the first date 100 GOLD. «handbill», you need to set the price at 143 GOLD.

- A man enters the section "Girls" and chooses the girl he likes based on the location, pictures, description of the profile, the price of the first date, then through the form «Contact me» writes her a message with his proposal.

- The girl immediately receives notification via "telegram" as well as e-mail that there is a new message for her on ours service. Then in personal chat on our website, the man and the girl can discuss their goals and make arrangements for the first date.

- After the agreement to go out for a first date in the restaurant has been reached, the man reserves the payment for the date, through the system "Safe Deal" on our website, after which the girl presses on the «Accept the invitation» button, which means confirmation of the agreements, achieved in personal communication.

Attention! It is prohibited to receive funds for a first date in a personal bank account, bypassing a secure transaction system on the website. The administration of the site considers it a fraud and blocks the girl’s account without the right of reinstatement!

- After accepting the invitation, the girl can safely go on a date without fear of not receiving her money
- If the date has happened, after it completed, the man in his Profile shall click on the button «Complete the date» and gives a feedback on the date, after doing so the funds are automatically credited to the girl’s personal account in the system.
- If for some reason the Man forgot to give a feedback and did not press the button "Complete the date", the «Safe deal» automatically completes three days after the meeting with a positive feedback and the money shall be credited to the Girl's account in the system.
- All possible disputes are considered by the Independent Arbitration Department of our Service which provides an objective decision in someone’s favor.
- Funds from a girl’s personal account on the website shall be transferred to the girl’s bank account on Mondays during the day. If the man confirms that the date was completed on Monday, the payment will credited to Your bank account in a week on Monday.

Every girl whose profile is located on has a special rating that affects the location of her profile on the site. High rating - the Profile is higher, low rating - the Profile is lower on the page. The rating influences on the number of offers from men. The exact mechanism of rating formation is not disclosed to avoid dishonest behavior and actions.

There are only a few secrets we can share:

- Try to fill out the Profile as much as possible
- Publish at least 3 pictures of You in the gallery
- The number of successful dates and positive feedback made by men make sense

Also You can buy a VIP status that gives the following advantages:

- A bright red VIP icon that highlights your special status
- Profiles with VIP status are displayed higher in the site page than profiles without this status but with a higher rating
- Gives an additional rating factor

VIP status you can buy by going to the tab «Buy VIP», in the top menu of your Profile.

Methods for additional monetization:

- If you have a TikTok account, you can post a link to your profile in, informing your subscribers in your ads about the existence of a paid "Restaurant Date" service, offering to follow the link, to arrange a meeting and pay through  the "Safe deal."
- You can also add a link to your Instagram profile to inform your subscribers about the new service to receive additional monetization of your account.

Please click the link to join our club

We strongly recommend You to go to this YouTube link and watch the detailed video instruction on setting up and interacting with the Service!

Enjoy your dates! team