How does it work for men

You’re a confident man, but You can’t close a Gestalt with a soul mate, or maybe you just want a one-night stand or a girl for casual dates or for traveling purposes!? Then You’ve come to the right place.

You’ve worked whole your life to achieve goals, to make money. You have everything but a few things:

1. Young age

2. Athletic body

3. Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance

4. Beautiful girl next to you

The first three points do not allow you to compete freely in Tinder for «young females» with fitness coaches and tattooed «woodcutters» with athletic figures. But you have more than that:

- Charisma
- Charm
- Courage
- There’s no need to cry the blues – you also have money, connections and possibilities

An opportunity to make a beautiful stranger happy, who, in other way, will simply never know you exist, because in a moment she will flip through your Tinder application. But there is a way out.

We came up with a service, where you can invite a girl you like to the first date at a restaurant, paying her for the meeting. Money, in this case, is just a motivation or a small gift, You pay for the time a decent girl spends meeting you.

The cost of the first date, is set by each girl inpidually and it can be found in each girls’ profile.

And here is the magic:

- You meet the girl you like at dinner
- You overcome the «barrier» of your possibly non-photogenic avatar or its absence, in case you want to remain incognito
- As marketers say, you get a lead that can be converted into a wife, a mistress or a new secretary for your company
- Then you have two hours of communication to understand whether you like a girl or not and whether she has affection on you.

It’s important! You also pay the restaurant bill! In a respectable environment, it is not a discussion, but it’s worth saying. So you pay twice:

1. To the girl per meeting, through the system "Safe Deal" on our website

2. You have to pay the restaurant bill both for yourself and for the girl

How does it work:

- To start, go to the link below "Girls
- Use the form to choose the city where you’re looking for a girl
- Next you choose the girl and write her your meeting proposal via the form «Contact me»
- When in personal conversation with a girl you have reached an agreement to go out, you pay a fee on our site, via the system "Safe Deal"

Attention! Making a direct payments for the first date directly to the bank account given by a girl is prohibited by the rules of our Service for security reasons. The girl may simply not show up on a date ignoring Your personal messages, so You will simply lose Your money.

 - After the payment, the money shall be «frozen» on the site until the end of the first date

- If the date happened, you should give a feedback to the meeting and only then the money shall be credited to the girl’s account

- All possible disputes are considered by the Independent Arbitration Department of our Service which provides an objective decision in someone’s favor.

We strongly recommend You to go to this YouTube link and watch the detailed video instruction on setting up and interacting with the Service!

Enjoy your dates! team