How does Safe Deal work?

Safe deal is a simple and convenient tool which allows to control performance of both parties’ obligations and reserve payments until it is clear that these obligations are performed right.  This tool reduces the risk of losing money for both men and women.

For men:

For men, the Safe Deal guarantees a refund if the girl does not show up on a date. For example, a man and a girl agreed to meet via private messages. The man made the payment through our website, but the girl simply did not come on a date. In this case, the man will receive his money back.

Attention! By sending money for the first date directly to the girl on a bank card, the man risks losing it, since the girl may simply not answer calls and messages after she receives payment. To avoid detailed transactions, we insist on making payment for the first date strictly through our website.

For girls:

For girls, the Safe Deal guarantees receiving payment for a date in a restaurant, if it took place and everything was good.

If after the date the man forgot to leave a review and did not click on the "End meeting" button, then in three days after meeting the Safe Deal mechanism will automatically mark meeting as “taken place” with a positive review. At the same time, the money due will be credited to the girl's account in the system.

Dates accomplished via Safe Deal add extra points to the girl’s rating, which affects her profile’s position in the search results of And, of course, it assures more trust in the girl on the part of men.

Attention! It is forbidden to accept payment for the first date on a personal card bypassing the Safe Deal mechanism. The site administration considers this a fraud. In case if such a fraud is detected, administration  blocks the girl's account without the right to restore!

Arbitration situation:

The Arbitration Department of handles all disputes under the Safe Deal: for example, if a man is dissatisfied with a meeting with a girl, or if the meeting did not take place due to someone else's fault after the funds have been reserved on man’s credit card.

Important! In order for Arbitration Department to render objective decision in case of a dispute, we recommend that all agreements on, up to the meeting itself, be carried out through personal messages on the site. In the event of any controversial issues, the Arbitration Department shall analyze the correspondence between a man and a girl and objectively render its verdict.

If the funds have already been reserved on your credit card, you cannot cancel the safe trade without arbitration!

Refunds are possible only when the Safe Deal is open, after the completion of the Safe Deal, the funds are not returned to the man! The deal is considered closed!

In case of a refund to the Men card, the withdrawal fee is 3%.