Here the gentlemen invite the ladies on the 1st date to a restaurant

They pay both the date and the restaurant bill

- Serious relationship
- Relationships without commitment
- Joint travel
- Spend the evening

How does it work?!


How to invite a girl

To ask a girl out for the first Date in a restaurant is simple. For this purpose go to the section «Girls». Next in the menu you have to choose your city. After doing that, girls from your area will show up. Further you can get information concerning girls’ purposes of acquaintance, pictures and arrange for the first Date in the restaurant through the form «Contact me».

We remind You that using our service the man pays both to the girl for the first Date and pays a bill both for himself and the girl in the restaurant. You can get familiarized with a girl’s first Date price by going to her personal Profile. The first Date shall be paid through the "Secure Deal" system using our website. A girl gets paid for a Date only if it happened.


It is important!

Our mission is to connect people through the first romantic date at the restaurant

The gentleman always pays both for the first date and pays the bill for two in the restaurant:

A payment made by a man for a first Date is not an escort fee or a fee for services of similar kind. A paid first date is just a way to give a girl a little reward for spending her time, and to cut out the easy-riders and gigolo, helping to choose the men with serious intentions only.

Having a dinner together is a great way to know each other better!


Rules and security is a romantic dating website where gentlemen invite ladies on their first date to a restaurant, and pay both for the date and the restaurant bill! These are our rules!

The purpose of the first Date is to see each other «without Photoshop» and to realize, whether there is a «chemistry» or compatibility for further communication, whether it is a serious relationship with the purpose of concluding a marriage, a relationship with the purpose of travelling together or acquaintance for one night stand, or maybe just for casual communication.

Using our service, the man pays for the first date with a virtuous girl from 99 GOLDS and above. GOLD is a currency of AsJust, 1 GOLD equals to 1 USD. The sum is determined by the girl and declared in her profile on our dating site The idea of paying is also that a man who has no «Scandinavian woodcutter» appearance is likely to be scrolled through by a beautiful girl on a regular dating website. A paid first Date motivates a girl to come. And then the charisma and the inner charm of a man can do their job and the first date can grow into something more.

The first Date shall be paid via the Safe Deal system on our website."A safe deal" protects a man from a fraud. A girl doesn’t get paid if she doesn’t show up. Also, "Safe Deal" guarantees money obtaining by the girl if the date happens.

It’s simple and automatic:

- A man writes to a girl he likes through the form «Contact me»
- If a date is arranged, the man will pays through our website, via the "Secure Deal" system
- The money is held by the System until the end of the first date.
- If the date happens, the man gives feedback and then funds shall be credited to the girl’s account
- All possible disputes are considered by the Independent Arbitration Department of our Service which provides an objective decision in someone’s favor.

Enjoy your dates! team