Meet and invite a girl out on the first date to a restaurant

You pay for the meeting and the bill for two at the restaurant, and the girl gives you her attention and you have dinner together

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Secure payment within our service

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Our service helps to unite hearts of people. We don’t put any restrictions at the meeting, although we don’t make you to continue communication

Our task — — is to make meetings of men and girls honest, clear and enjoyable

Without weird avatars in social media and silly texting e.g. “Hey! What’s up?”

All decisions are made mutually. No obligations or restrictions

Both sides of know what to expect from their date beforehand

For men
  • No need to rack your brains over a possible gift. Payment for the meeting is a gift for a girl
  • Opportunity to meet a beautiful girl and build relationship
  • Just have a nice evening in pleasant company
  • Meet different girls from your region
For girls
  • Opportunity to meet a nice and wealthy man
  • Stop worrying about the man who has got no money – he has already paid you for the meeting
  • Find a partner for life or just one evening
  • Take an unforgettable journey

AsJust – service for quick dates and romantic meetings, that helps men to meet beautiful and interesting girls, and help girls to meet wealthy and successful men

Your date will go by smoothly
without unpleasant surprises is a completely safe and honest dating service
Secure payment within the service
You pay a girl for the first date within the service via “Safe Deal”. If the girl doesn’t come, we will make a full refund.
Our support is looking into each controversial case and solves any issue within 3 days
Only real girls from your city
We check every registered user for compliance with data and photo specified in the profile.
Photos are 100% true and every girl has an internal service rating
Complete confidentiality and transparency
We don’t share the data to the third party and user’s personal data is available only within the service
Before the date any communication with a girl is carried out only within the service, which makes impossible fraud, inaccuracies or money loss

Over 1000 girls from different parts of the world are registered on our service

Милена 4
Милена, 18 years
Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Date from
120 GOLD
Марго Новикова 3
Марго Новикова, 22 years
Moscow, Russia
Date from
150 GOLD
Софья Барашкова 8
Софья Барашкова, 26 years
Moscow, Russia
Date from
200 GOLD
Валерия Дударчук 11
Валерия Дударчук, 23 years
Moscow, Russia
Date from
150 GOLD
Лолита Лонская 8
Лолита Лонская, 23 years
Volgograd, Russia
Date from
100 GOLD
Иннулик 9
Иннулик, 29 years
Moscow, Russia
Date from
200 GOLD
Angelina Angy 4
Angelina Angy, 31 year
Moscow, Russia
Date from
200 GOLD
Дарья Проценко 5
Дарья Проценко, 29 years
Moscow, Russia
Date from
250 GOLD

How the service works

You register on our service
Registration takes a couple of clicks. Register
Choose a girl that you like
Among 1000+ profiles of girls from different cities
Arrange the first date
Negotiate all details within
our service
Pay for the meeting with the girl
Via “Safe Deal” within our service. The girl will receive money only after the date
Meet the girl at a restaurant
You need to pay the bill at the restaurant. It’s a must for the gentleman
Spend time as you like
Or you refuse to spend it It’s up to you and your companion

Why would I pay for the date?

It’s a trivia gift for a girl on the first date.
Instead of an unnecessary bouquet of flowers a girl gets money
For mens

Show your level of prosperity and
good intentions

You please a girl and don’t rack
your brains over a possible gift

Invite out only worthy and
interesting girls

For girls

Get the gift that you really need –

You’re invited only by wealthy men
who are able to pay for themselves

Cut off gigolos, ladies’ men and
those who can only promise

Register on
in a couple of clicks

And invite any girl you like to a restaurant for
a first romantic date
Fill out the form below.
Data is strictly confidential
and is not shared to the third party