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‘The Resistance’ Threatens the Free Market

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                'The Resistance' Threatens the Free Market

                'The Resistance' Threatens the Free Market

I was just in Fort Worth and dropped by one of the famous boot stores to check it out.

It’s not as if there is a big need for me to have cowboy boots in Miami where I live, but if I came to Texas more often maybe it would be fun to get into the Western spirit.

Going into the store was quite an experience.

It was a pretty sizable store with hundreds of cowboy boots on the shelves. Whatever your size, this store had a selection of styles, colors, leathers, and designs.

One of the first thoughts that popped into mind was: isn’t the free market great.

Which led me to think about what would happen if the socialist revolution being promoted by the progressives of the Democratic party wasn’t stopped by the Trump administration.

The Democrats understand that they are in a war.  They refer to themselves as "The Resistance."

This isn’t just a Freudian slip of the tongue.

The Democrats see President Donald Trump as the enemy of globalism and the social-justice revolution and are combat ready.

Unlike the Republicans, Democrats are true believers. To them, the progressive socialist revolution is a crusader.

This battle was outlined by David Horowitz in his book “The Art of Political War” published in 2000.

This should be required reading for all who believe in free-market capitalism. 

He pointed out that “Republicans go to Washington with the idea of fixing government; Democrats are on a mission to fix the world.”

The Democrats are ideological warriors marching in a close cadence. The Republicans also march, but each in a different parade.

“Above all, they [the Democrats] want to stop Americans from spending their money on themselves and their families, instead give it to others who the Democrats think are more deserving,” Horowitz said.

The Democrats think that the government should decide how capital should be allocated because they know best what is good for everyone. It’s hard to figure out what the Republicans believe.

Trump thinks that consumers should decide on what is best for themselves.  His mindset is the product of his experience as the beneficiary of the American free-market economy.

Clearly, his beliefs were understood by the voters.

If Trump is successful in his presidency, then I’ll still be able to pick out which boots I want to buy.

If the Democrats are successful, then some bureaucrat will decide on how to spend my hard-earned money on boots for someone else the government determines is more deserving. 

Denis Kleinfeld is known as a strategic tax and wealth protection lawyer, widely published author and creative teacher.

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