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Star & Car: Lindy Klim, fashion model

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Vital statistics

17 – the age I bought my first car

$4000 – what it cost me

The lowdown: the Balinese Princess and internationally respected fashion identity enjoyed an early start to her driving career.

Career highlights: modeling for brands including Country Road, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss; co-creating men’s skincare company Milk & Co; creating her organic Milk Baby skincare range; working with charities including Brainwave SIDS and Bali Orphanage.

What was your first car?

A red Subaru four-wheel drive. It was a terrible car. It just kept breaking down all the time. I grew up in Tasmania and I just insisted on having a four-wheel drive. All my friends had four-wheel drives and I just felt I needed to be the same. We’d pack it up and go camping just to the east coast of Tassie and we’d do really long drives in it. I used to go on the beach with it and everything. We had a good time. But it was just a shocker, so I ended up getting rid of it after a year-and-a-half.

How did you find the whole learning to drive experience?

I loved it. My grandmother actually taught me to drive when I was 14. She lived in a place called Eggs and Bacon Bay, so I used to drive around the streets as a kid. Growing up in Tasmania, not really having any public transport, driving was my only way out to my social life.

As a Jaguar ambassador, what are you driving these days?

An F-Pace four-wheel drive. I really, really love it. I’ve driven the Jag sports car a few times, but I have this thing about four-wheel drives and big cars, so this one is brilliant. It’s big, heavy, and I feel safe and secure in it. I’m also up a little bit higher, which is really good. I hate it when I can’t see past the nose of a car.

Do you do much driving when you’re in Bali?

I drive every single day. I love driving in Bali. You have to be really, really pushy and really on your game. Anything can happen. There’s no road rules, there’s just nothing. It’s quite hectic but I’m quite aggressive on the road. You just need to be. My children go to school in the jungle so I’m four-hours-a-day in the car because I drive up and back. But the mornings are so beautiful because you’re driving past people on the rivers and in the rice fields and it’s really quite peaceful. And then on the way back it’s just the mayhem of peak hour traffic.

What’s your preferred drive music?

I always have music on in the car. In fact I actually can’t drive unless I can have music on. I just refuse. Sometimes I have some old school Beastie Boys playing, or maybe something from the chill-out section on my Spotify. It just really depends on my mood.

Traffic jam: impatient or cool?

Traffic jams are a nightmare. I cannot cope. I hate sitting still. I’m constantly trying to think of other ways to go around. But I’d much prefer a Sydney traffic jam to a Bali traffic jam. One day in Bali I was in the car for six-hours. I had to just endure it. It was just hell.


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